Truth – What truth really is…

I am telling the truth here……

I am saying the truth… right now

We all know sentences like this. We also imagine our husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, kids or anyone else standing in front of us with either a face, telling us that we are kind of sure they are right or this doggy..ish face (you surely see your girlfriend right now …) begging us to believe what they are saying. But is there the slightest insecurity if they are right? Think one second about what truth really is ?

Truth is just a temporary feeling, for a given situation. So nothing which lasts for long. But he or she must mean it….. right ?

Is there a universal truth or not ? And how do you know ? The problem is that truth differs for everyone of us. It gets defined by the filters established in our childhood or by our surroundings, media and other influencing factors through whom we see the world. In every second. Every time we are pure f****ing honest it changes rapidly whenever something influences us.

We are masters in changing our honest opinion. Sure, we mean it in the moment we say it, but are we really really honest to our beloved ones ? Always ? Or just for the moment ? In our constant changing world, change is inevitable. Filters help us to see the world. But wait, we only see our subjective version of the reality based on our filters. Based on that, our truth is just temporary, changes when we change.

Shouldn’t it be the time to get rid of our filters and see things as they really are ?

We should look in the mirror and answer the question ourselves with pure f***ing honesty 🙂 !

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